What is Chancery Court?
According to the Tennessee Trial Courts Website,
Chancery Courts are courts of equity that are based on the English system in which the chancellor acted as the “King’s conscience.” A chancellor, the judge who presides over chancery courts, may modify the application of strict legal rules and adapt relief to the circumstances of individual cases. Chancery Courts handle a variety of issues including lawsuits over fraud of all types, contract disputes, application for injunctions and restraining orders, copyright, trademark and intellectual property issues. 


Chancery Courts also deal with a wide verity of cases that fall into the broader category of real estate conflicts. These include boundary line disputes, partition / ownership questions, easement problems, water rights, judicial foreclosure matters, and tax sales.  Chancellors also make decisions when business owners address asset division when the business dissolves.  


Chancery courts address constitutional questions including free speech, religious freedom, voting rights, rights of association, and general government oversight, including appeals of administrative decisions by government agencies. 

Why is Johnny Ellis the right choice for Chancellor, Chancery Part III?

The lawyers and the litigants need a chancellor who is already familiar with the legal theories they will be asked to rule on.  It is a fundamental unfairness to make the lawyers presenting the case, educate the judge. 

Johnny is a 5th generation lawyer and has been a part of the Nashville legal community for more than 25 years. Prior to entering the legal field, he worked in the mortgage & lending industry for 6 years.


Johnny grew up in the Green Hills neighborhood, but also went to elementary school & Jr. High school in North Nashville.  Although not fluent, Johnny can communicate in Spanish and Arabic. This diversity of background allows him to think outside the box when evaluating a problem.  


As Chancellor, he will extend that same dynamic approach to those who petition the court’s intervention on important matters that affect Nashville and its citizens. When it comes to our courts, we need his experience and judicial temperament on the bench.


“Nashville is my first love.  As an independent, I’m not obligated to follow a political Party, and my only agenda is to protect the people & businesses of my home town.”

Johnny Ellis-024-1.png

Johnny will represent us, "we the people" rather than a political party.


He will decide matters based on facts and sound understanding of the true application of the law.